Water Tech

At Eauligo we add intelligence to the water network.

Eauligo partners with leading players in the water industry to provide them with innovative, easy to use and adaptive hardware and software solutions.

We enable products that empower water consumers to manage and reduce their water consumption, allowing them to reduce costs and improve the environment.

Our technology creates a smart network that monitors, informs and controls the supply and distribution of water for both domestic and industrial water consumers.

Water control is only a click away!



for water system providers



We deliver to you the level of service you need, adapted to your in-house expertise. From complete product development to licensing of key technology and Intellectual Property.

Proven technology

Eauligo uses technology based on open world-wide standards that has been used in millions of consumer products. 


Eauligo provides solutions that complement and work seamlessly with your existing product portfolio.

Attractive USP

End-consumers reduce their costs using Eauligo's solutions. This gives you a unique selling point to demonstrate real financial savings based on their investment.


for end-users


Save, preserve and care!

Even if you do not know anything about technology, even if you don't want to hear anything about volumes, throughputs, m3, programming, maintenance, leakages... Our solutions give you the control to save water and help preserve the environment. Eauligo creates innovative technology that allows everybody to participate and benefit.

Save money as you save water!

Managing your water usage, without changing your way of life, will automatically save on your bill. Eauligo provides products that give real savings with no hidden costs. Just buy and save! 

Sit back and relax!

Our solutions are stuffed full of intelligence so you don't have to think too hard. Our smart, non-intrusive and seamless designs are easy and intuitive to use.


Water Tech

At Eauligo we add intelligence to the water network...

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