SeaSee App

The SeaSee app has won first prize in the Exploration and Education category of the HeroX's Big Ocean Button Challenge, an international competition for big ocean mobile app innovations. Sponsored by XPRIZE, the Big Ocean Button Challenge was a worldwide competition that sought new solutions for ocean data with application innovations.


Imagine you are on the shore looking out to sea. Imagine you are on a boat with water stretching out all around you. Now imagine holding up your phone or tablet and being able to see what is under the water exactly where you are.



The SeaSee App uses bathymetric data to generate 3d views of the underwater terrain which reflect the angle and viewpoint of where the user is pointing their phone and their gps location. In addition to the app's point and view "what is there" mode, you can also zoom and scroll around to explore all the ocean floor.



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SeaSee App

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